Nomination groups

Tax Team
of the

This nomination group recognises the corporate tax team that made the most significant contribution toward creating an effective business while adhering to the principles of corporate responsibility, as assessed by the expert panel.

In this nomination group, the award is conferred to the company with the best-organised and best performing in-house tax team.

The nomination group will be broken down by region and industry.

Tax Project
of the

In this nomination group, we will select the best tax project based on an assessment of all the tax-function-development projects that were performed during the period under review.

The assessment will be based on equal terms, irrespective of company size.

Valuable Contribution
to Tax Practice and
Tax Legislation Development

In this nomination, the award will be given to the contestant who made the most impactful contribution to developing tax practices and tax legislation, including such variables as public service, media coverage and business reputation.

Efficient Use
of Shared Service Centres
for Tax Function

In this nomination, the award will be given for the most efficient use of a Shared Service Centre (SSC) to achieve tax function targets and objectives, including the completeness of the tax business processes transferred to SSC and the extent of their automation. Only Shared Service Centres may participate in this nomination.