About the Award

The Corporate Tax Award, which was established in 2016 jointly by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) and OOO PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory (PwC) , is intended to facilitate the identification and promotion of best practices for corporate tax functions, as well as to recognize the professional achievements of tax leaders and foster a professional community among high-level tax experts.

Key provisions of the Award

Any organisation, irrespective of its legal form, that produces goods and renders services, can participate. The sole exception are those organisations that provide tax consulting services, which are ineligible for the contest.

The award winners are selected by an expert panel drawn from leading business circles, the academic community, and experts on taxation.

The Award is given in accordance with the Methodology approved by the expert panel.

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Tender procedure

Step 1
Questionnaire survey

The participants will receive questionnaires containing open questions (or yes/no questions, where applicable) about characteristics of the designated areas of assessment.

Applicants for the award in different nomination groups and categories, where applicable, will answer questions and provide explanations, based on which an expert panel will make assessments.

Applicants for the award in the "Valuable Contribution to Tax Practice and Tax Legislation Development " nomination group will also vote for one of the applicants (except themselves).

Step 2
questions and interview

Following the initial review, the expert panel may ask participating teams to respond to written follow-up questions about information in their applications or to appear for an interview.

Step 3
and selecting

Assessing and selecting – based on the expert assessment of the questionnaire survey and interviews, an expert panel will assign scores and select the winner in each nomination group.

For the award for “Valuable Contribution to Tax Practice and Tax Legislation Development”, contestants will be invited to assess the projects of competing teams and vote for their favourites.

The expert panel will take these votes into consideration when determining the award winner.